Deatschwerks DW400

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DW400 Universal In-Tank Fuel Pump by DeatschWerks

This is the pump we use time and time again for our street builds on E85. The DW400 has been proven to outflow the Walbro 450 and Walbro 525 in real world load applications.

DeatschWerks in-tank fuel pumps are manufactured with a quiet and reliable turbine impeller which is compatible with pulse width modulated pump drivers. These pumps are also built with carbon commutators and fully encapsulated armatures for ethanol compatibility.

DW’s high-torque motors maintain flow at higher pressure better than competitors’ pumps. Low amperage draw minimizes pump temperatures, maximizes pump life and reduces stress on OE wiring. Universal fitment kits include filter, electrical connector, and other accessories to help with installation. All DW fuel pumps are backed by a 3-year no fault warranty.


  • Turbine Impeller Compatible w/ Pulse Width Modulated Pump Drivers
  • Built With Carbon Commutators and Fully Encapsulated Armatures (Ethanol Compatible)
  • High-Torque Motors with a Low Amperage Draw
  • Minimizes Temperatures, Maximizes Lifespan and Reduces Stress
  • Includes a Universal Fitment Kit

Additional Considerations

  • Wiring – A 400+ LPH pump draws substantial current (16-20 amps at typical operating pressures). Make sure your chassis wiring is up to the task of delivering this much current. A DW hardwire kit (part number FPHWK) is an inexpensive insurance policy.
  • Size – The DW400 is a 46mm diameter pump. Standard in-tank pumps are 39mm diameter. Modifications to the fuel pump module will be necessary on some applications.
  • Universal Fitment – Unlike other DW in-tank pumps, The DW400 is not an application-specific fitment pump.
  • Check-Valve – the DW400 does not have in internal check valve. An in-line check valve may be necessary for easy engine starts in some applications.