B18 B16 B20 Mechanical Fuel Pump Distributor Drive

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Mechanical fuel pump kit solution for your Honda B series engine!

Our B Series Distributor Drive is designed for use with Magnus MF mechanical Fuel Pump and other popular hex drive pumps. Since many B series racers and streetcars have moved to coil on plug setups and crank and cam trigger from the front engine side, this is a perfect location to mount a fuel pump. While using our Magnus MF fuel pump it even simplifies installation by keeping the fuel lines on one side.


  • Mechanical fuel pump is driven from the distributor drive of the Honda B series (for cars with no distributor)
  • Can be used with multiple fuels (Gas, Methanol, and Ethanol)
  • Encapsulated high speed high precision ball bearing holding a hardened steel hex drive shaft
  • Simplifies your fuel system
  • Increases reliability -No more need for multiple electric pumps
  • Increases safety – in case of fire or engine failure engine , pumps shuts off cutting the fuel supply to fire
  • Decreased heating of fuel

Counterclockwise rotation, when looking at the front of the pump (shaft side facing you) : Left side is inlet right side is outlet

Part Number: MMCFUL1090

IMPORTANT: Torque clamp bolt to: 29 FT/LBS