Supertech K Series Springs and Retainers

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Supertech dual valve springs with retainers for k-series and S2000 engines
  • Seated Pressure: 92 lbs at 40.40mm
  • Open Pressure: 253 lbs at 12mm
  • Coil Bind: 22.7mm
  • Rate: 13.2mm
  • Outer Spring 30mm OD / 21.8mm ID
  • Inner Spring 21.3mm OD / 15.5mm ID
  • Valve springs made with premium Superclean Chrome Silicon Vanadium Steel Alloy
  • Retainers are made from titanium
  • Includes seats
  • Computer designed to ensure that wire stress levels do not overpass the limits for long durability
  • Works in K20A2, K20A3, K24A2, K24Z3, K20Z1, F20C1, F22C1, K20C2, K20Z3, K24Z7 Engines